What Bev's clients think...

"Busy mothers rarely take enough time for themselves, but carving out an hour weekly to see Bev for spiritual direction is such a beautiful gift to myself and my family. We all benefit because when Mom feels peaceful and loved, so does everyone else!

Thank you Bev, for the beautiful retreat. I came away feeling so uplifted & joyful. Attending your retreats helps me recharge, refresh & most importantly, remember what’s important in my life.

The Enneagram classes are fun and fascinating but they have also provided me with tremendous insight and ideas for handling relationships with my family and friends."

Danna Brumley

"Bev Gaines has an admirably broad knowledge base across religious traditions, which she skillfully brings to bear in her practice. She is a lifelong learner, with a deep, joyful spirit. As a wonderful listener, she brings an astute, perceptive, professional presence to her work. She is also an engaging teacher, offering practical wisdom to relationship issues. If you encounter Bev, consider yourself blessed."

Terry Markuly, MA, AAS
Director of Religious Education
St. Cecilia Parish – Bainbridge Island

"Spiritual direction with Bev Gaines is like sailing unfamiliar waters with a good friend. We never know what we’ll find — sometimes it’s tears; sometimes laughter; sometimes silence. She always brings a deep presence and a compassionate heart."

Bill Fulton, Episcopal Priest

"Bev has a gift of knowing the right questions to ask. The questions you’ve not thought of before, and usually the ones you most need to consider. She is that gentle spirit who guides you down the road of self-discovery."

Megan Carson

"It is a treat to be in a circle where it feels safe to share just where I am. I feel free to listen, to speak or to just be. I am learning how to create safe space and time for others to share where they are. There is a gentleness from the leader even on tough issues. There is the opportunity to go deeper. I am encouraged to forgive myself and others. I have seen change in several relationships. Time with Bev feels good for my heart and my body."

Clarice Odell

"Bev Gaines has led me farther on my journey toward God than any other person, either clergy or laity. The work is mine, but Bev has motivated, guided, and kept me focused. She has helped me grow out of crippling feelings instilled by overzealous teachers of guilt and obligation, and grow into positive feelings of trust and self worth. She is a truly gifted spiritual mentor."

Glenna Teti

"Bev Gaines has led two retreats for the women of our church. Both times, she received rave reviews. The women loved her, to a person. I’ve also experienced spiritual direction with her. She has deep wisdom and a playful spirit, and understands at the heart level how to encourage spiritual growth and healing in others. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Ruth Whitney
Port Townsend

"Whenever I complete one of Bev and Martha’s Enneagram classes, I wonder how soon I can take another! Their knowledge and presentation skills make these classes engaging and so very useful to me on my spiritual journey. The Enneagram has been a significant tool in my personal growth and in my understanding of others."

Maryann De Simone
Counselor and Interfaith Minister

"Whenever I see Bev for Spiritual Direction I usually have come to the end of my resources for solving the problem or ridding myself of the feeling I may be having. Every time I have a session, Bev listens carefully to me, prays with me and probes for something I may not be aware of. Without fail, I leave Bev’s session with something new to take home with me and a wonderful new coping skill. I call these times spiritual check-ins and I know Bev will be there with her great wisdom to help me see myself in a new way."


"Attending the Sacred Threshold Retreat at St. Andrews House was a life changing experience for me. Bev’s compassionate and wise teaching about Mindful Meditation has deepened my spiritual journey."


"I’ve always thought “Soul Wisdom” was the perfect name for Bev Gaines’ business. She, in her wisdom, has a way of being with you – whether in a class or in a private session – that helps awaken you to the wisdom in your own soul. Bev helps provide new perspectives on life's challenges and opportunities, and time spent with her can make the difference between simply coping and actually working to create the life you long for."

Diane Walker