Fall 2016 Enneagram Classes Offered

I am so excited to be offering two new classes for you this fall. I love teaching with Martha, especially when we get to share new insights into the Enneagram that we picked up recently in workshops with Russ Hudson. As you know, working with the Enneagram is an ongoing learning process, it cannot be learned all at once.  The fall classes we are working through are designed to help you become more of who you are - letting go of old patterns and seeing where you have more choice and freedom.  Russ has continued to evolve his understanding of the Instincts and inner dynamics of the Enneagram and I can't wait to share what I've learned.

Instinctual Variant Class

Recognizing the way we give energy and attention to certain needs while neglecting others can help create balance in our life and provide help in dealing with our relationships.  It is important to understand how our instincts are basic survival drives that play a major role in the decisions we make day to day, but are mostly unconscious of.  The work is to understand our relationship with the instincts, recognize when they are unbalanced and learn how to bring them into balance.

Join us as we explore our instinctual nature using the Enneagram’s teaching of the Three Instincts: Self-Preservation, Sexual (Attraction), and Social (Adaptation).  Our instinctual nature is extremely powerful in our decision-making process, lifestyle choices, and how we view reality.  Yet it is often given little emphasis in spiritual work.  In this 4 week session, we will clarify and deepen our understanding of the instincts, seeing them at work in our personal experience. We will also examine how our particular instinctual stack (the way we prioritize our basic needs and values) is the pattern that most keeps us locked in the repetitive habits of our personality.

This class will include material we’ve taught before, which will be a good review if you have already taken this class.  But it will also include new material that Russ Hudson has been working on, which we have found to be very helpful insights.


Dates: 4 weeks on Wednesdays, from 9/21-10/12
Time: 9-11:30am or 6:30-8:30pm
Cost: $100

What will I learn?

  • Clarification and deeper understanding of the Instincts and how they are working in our personal experiences.
  • How our relationship with the three Instincts determines how we prioritize our basic human needs and values and locks in the repetitive habits of our personality.
  • Concrete ways to bring greater balance to our Instincts and thus to create balance and wholeness in our lives.

Inner Dynamics Class

The Inner Dynamics class continues on this theme, with an emphasis on exploring the connecting lines in the Enneagram. New teaching on these Inner Dynamics reveals that we don't just use them in times of stress or security.  Instead, these connections can be used to help reveal the fullness of your nature as your levels of health improve.


Dates: 5 weeks on Wednesdays, from 10/19-11/16
Time: 9-11:30am or 6:30-8:30pm
Cost: $125

What will I learn?

  • Explore the dynamic nature of the Enneagram through our connections to other types.
  • Discover concrete ways to use the Enneagram for transformation 
  • Grow your capacity to be present

Special Offer!

Get both classes for $200.  If you register now for both classes, you will receive a 12% discount.  

Mindful Mondays Returns

Whether you would like to explore meditation for the first time or enhance your practice, we welcome you to our noontime meditation class.  We will resume meeting on September 19th.  

Dates: Weekly on Mondays, starting 9/19
Time: noon
Cost: $15 a session

Mom's Morning Retreat

Mom's Morning Retreat resumes September 15th at Grace Church.  This year we will a theme inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day:  Mapping Your One Wild and Precious Life.

Together we will:

  • share our valleys of challenges and our mountains of possibilities
  • be mindful by the babbling brook
  • explore our identities as moms and as women
  • discuss unplugging, disconnecting and relaxing
  • celebrate connections and collaboration
  • ensure that we learn more about letting go to have fun!

Dates: First and third Thursdays, beginning September 15th
Time: 9:30-11:00am
Cost: $140/year (includes childcare, scholarships available upon request)