Winter 2017 Enneagram Classes

Happy Holidays

As the season transitions from Fall to Winter - the leaves have fallen, outer growth of plants and trees is ceasing, because now is the time of inner growth. May we too, even in the midst of what can be a time of hustle and bustle, allow ourselves the gift of pausing, breathing, and listening. To listen deeper to what our soul needs to heal and to grow. To listen deeper to our loved ones and to our world. 

To help us listen and grow, we will be offering two Enneagram classes in January:

  • Deep Living I for those new to the Enneagram and for those who want to deepen their knowledge.  
  • We are also offering a new, advanced course The Inner Dynamics of the Enneagram

We hope you can join us! May your holiday season be filled with love, with wonder and with joy!