Begin Again: How to Practice Living Intentionally in the New Year

A new year dawns, a new beginning, a fresh start. It helps me to remember that each moment we breathe, we have an opportunity to begin again. What amazing Grace and such incredible help for our soul’s journey.

I no longer make resolutions, but I do set an intention in the first days of a new year. In stillness, after a time of meditation and prayer, I light a candle. After deep listening, I offer my heartfelt intention, a deep desire of how I want to live this new year, this new month, this new day, this new moment.

And then I practice.

I practice remembering what is deeply important to me. At home and at work, I use symbols like hearts or stones or even words written on little cards….to remind me.

I need the reminder as it is so easy to forget, to go back to living in automatic ways. Mindfulness Meditation, awareness practices, prayer, journal writing, spiritual direction, retreats are all tools I use – this is the “grit” or the “work” of the journey – ways I say "Yes" to transformation.

And there is always a Grace aspect to our personal transformation, where Divine Love flows. Doors open I hadn’t expected, books fall off shelves, an unexpected phone call or email, all synchronistic ways that God provides just what is needed moment by moment.

What about you? Do you set an intention for the year? What helps you to remember that each moment you can say "yes" and begin again?