New Classes to Explore the Light and Shadow Sides of Us

We're forming a new class this fall based on the book Shadow Dance: Liberating the Power & Creativity of Your Dark Side by David Richo. "The shadow is everything about ourselves that we do not know or refuse to know, both dark and light. It is the sum total of the positive and negative traits, feelings, beliefs and potentials we refuse to identify as our own," says Richo.

Richo offers us the challenge to accept ourselves -- all the way to the bottom and all the way to the top. This book includes many practices to help us on our soul journey.

I am excited to be working with two new groups forming to study and do the practices in this book. We will begin each session with a time of silence and then check-in, before we launch into our discussion each week. We'll be reading this book together not just for information, but for transformation.

Let me know if this class might interest you - we will meet Wednesdays, 9:30-11:00am, starting September 26th.