Meet Bev


Being human is a beautiful yet sometimes difficult and challenging gift, one that is filled with joy and sorrow, love and pain, hope and sadness.  I am passionate about helping people open fully to their life’s journey.

My healing journey started when I began to work with a Spiritual Director, Karen Williamson, whose loving presence brought fresh light and hope into my life. Through her deep listening and encouragement, I slowly healed and opened to my life in a new way. 

My own path was grounded in the Christian Contemplative Tradition, into which I dove deeply through the Christian Spirituality Diploma program at Vancouver School of Theology. There I encountered the works of the ancient mystics as well as current teachers of this great wisdom.  This led me into deeper study of the mystics from all the great Wisdom Traditions in the world. 

I certified as a Spiritual Director through Shalem Institute, where I was blessed to study with Tilden Edwards and Gerald May. There I learned to listen with my ears, heart and spirit and to trust the Divine’s Love for all.
I served as a Pastoral Assistant at Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church for 15 years, where I offered classes on spirituality, led retreats, and one-on-one Spiritual Direction. I also mentored a moms group and had great fun learning and teaching about parenting and the challenges of being a mother in today’s world. 

I am currently working with Moms Morning Retreat at Grace Episcopal Church. We explore various topics to help us become more conscious and awake to our lives and to the ways we are parenting (and in my case “grand parenting”). I love Dan Siegel’s work and draw from many other current researchers and authors who offer great support through neuroscience and the social sciences by teaching us about how we can better our lives through mindfulness and ways to elevate our emotional intelligence.

I have practiced various forms of meditation for over the 20 years, all of which helped enrich my life in different ways. About 8 years ago I began to practice Mindfulness Meditation and it has changed my life. I love to teach and share this practice with my clients in a class setting, workshop, retreat, or in one-on-one sessions. 

My colleague Martha Middleton and I have been students and teachers of the Enneagram for over 20 years. We have received training from the leading experts in the field: Don Riso, Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer, David Daniels, Richard Rohr, and Roxanne Howe-Murphy). The Enneagram has been an amazing tool in my journey and has been helpful to many of my clients.

I am certified a Life Coach through Deep Coaching Institute and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Transformation is at the heart of the coaching that I do. Coaching offers the unique opportunity to be with another human being who is opening to life in a new and fulfilling way. One of the great values of coaching to clients is the use of strategies to help identify beliefs and change old thought and behavior patterns. 

I feel that all the streams of my life come together when I am working with a client: 

  • Teaching mindfulness – becoming present to what one is feeling, thinking, noticing – with kindness and compassion

  • Offering the Enneagram to help clients understand themselves, to observe their patterns and to offer a path to their true nature

  • Trusting in the Divine Love flowing through all of us, bringing just what the soul needs to heal and transform.

The soul has its own rhythm and its own intelligence. It knows what it needs to heal and to thrive.
— Roxanne Howe-Murphy